Vice, “Meet the Anarchist Founder of Man City’s Hooligan Firm,” March 5, 2015

Meet the Anarchist Founder of Man City’s Hooligan Firm
by Nick Chester, Vice, March 5, 2015

In previous conversations that I’ve had with you, you’ve linked hooliganism to the class struggle. Can you say a bit about that?
Well, as I say, rich conservatives who own a lot of things are also the quickest to crack down on anything that has a hint of danger or violence involved in it. That’s because, in the past, if a man had a horse, someone could come up to him and say, “I’ll fight you for that horse.” The two men would have a fair fight and the winner would walk away with the horse. Nowadays, the powers that be want to restrain the working classes as much as possible when it comes to anything that hints that they might try and use their might to gain something; look at the way the miners got treated. The elite and the government try to belittle and deride hooligans so much, but they’ve taken so much from us that our fists are the only things we’ve got left that give us power.